Potentiometer Holder for fischertechnik

This is a 3D printed potentiometer holder which is compatible with fischertechnik blocks. My goals in designing this are:

  • Stay as compact as reasonable, so this doesn’t steal the focus from the overall model
  • Make sure it’s large enough for the knob and sockets to be comfortably usable
  • Try to make it intuitive to use – this drove the relief schematic symbol


After printing and cleaning up any stray filament:

  1. Paint the inside of the potentiometer symbol. I found that three coats of acrylic paint yielded a good result, cleaning up the surrounding surface using a small amount of alcohol on a paper towel after each coat.
  2. Insert the connectors into the holes. I recommend using a small amount of super glue in the countersunk opening to fix the connector to the lid.
  3. Insert the potentiometer into the larger hole and fasten it firmly.
  4. Strip enough insulation from each end of three wires to wrap around the connectors.
  5. Solder each wire to the appropriate potentiometer connector.
  6. Wrap the connector wires around the posts.
  7. Attach the knob to the potentiometer, if you went with the Brutalist know listed above, you should be able to use the standard fischertechnik screwdriver for this.

Bill of Materials

Brutalist Knob in Grey1
16mm Potentiometers – 1/4″ Smooth Shaft – Solder Lug1
3D Printed Holder1
Connector Wireto fit

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