Wumpus for PicoSystem v0.0.1 Released

The first function release my Wumpus for Picosystem game is available now. It’s a variant of the classic Hunt the Wumpus game played on a grid with the display and controls designed for the Pimoroni PicoSystem. The GitHub release contains both the source code and the compiled binary UF2 file. While this isn’t yet what I’d consider a fully playable game, there are enough pieces implemented that it may benefit others looking for examples or inspiration.

The key functionality implemented is:

  • Movement – the player can navigate a 10 x 10 grid using the directional pad.
  • Shooting – the player can
    • Switch between movement and shooting modes using any of the X, Y, A, B buttons.
    • Shoot an arrow using the directional pad when in shooting mode.
  • Bats – two caves contain bats which will randomly relocate the player.
  • Pits – two caves contain pits, which will end the game if the player enters those caves.
  • Wumpus – one cave contains the Wumpus, which will end the game if the player enters that cave.
  • Animations – certain activities are animated:Movement between caves
    • Shooting arrows
    • Falling into a pit
    • Being carried by a bat
    • Being eaten by a Wumpus

The key pieces of infrastructure implemented are:

  • States – the game is implemented as a finite state machine (E.G. FELL_IN_PIT_STATE, SHOOTING_STATE)
  • Custom Sprites – custom spritesheet converted using sprite-converter-for-picosystem
  • Win/Lose – the game does handle the notion of being over and restarting


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